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DNEye® Scanner


What is DNEye®?

The DNEye® Scanner is the latest leap forward in customised lenses by Rodenstock. 

Today’s progressive lenses are made using a static reduced eye model which dates back more than a hundred years. This model assumes all eyes are alike, and means that only 2% of people have lenses properly suited to the individual characteristics of their eyes.

This one-size-fits-all approach neglects the differences that make your eyes unique.

How does it work?

The DNEye® Scanner measures thousands of detailed properties of your eyes to create a unique biometric eye model.

This biometric model includes eye length, corneal power and thickness, anterior chamber depth, pupil size in photopic and mesopic light conditions, crystalline lens power and vitreous chamber depth.

These detailed measurements give us the ability to create lenses with an unprecedented level of customisation.

The data from your eye model is then transferred into the lens, creating Biometric Intelligent Glasses™.

What are Biometric Intelligent Glasses™?

Biometric Intelligent Glasses are the result of the DNEye® process. These glasses are accurate to the micrometre, ensuring sharp vision at all angles, near or far. The result is a seamless and natural experience, giving you the ability to enjoy sharp and dynamic vision.

Customers who tried Biometric Intelligent Glasses:

  • 92% experienced sharper vision than before
  • 87% experienced reduced adaptation time
  • 84% experienced better contrast
  • 80% experienced better vision at dusk

Rodenstock’s DNEye® Scanner captures the whole picture

Stephen Daly Optometrist is proud to have been the first practice in Sydney to offer DNEye® Technology.

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